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Online Digital Marketing

Matt is an online digital marketing expert with a passion for web design and development. I love helping businesses build and grow their online presence through visually appealing and engaging websites. With years of experience creating websites for businesses of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Also skilled in creating custom graphics and other digital assets to complement your website and other marketing materials.

Tech Expert

Ez Click Top Computer Services is focused on becoming the leading provider of computer services and online digital marketing services in Volusia County, including Daytona Beach, Port Orange, Ormond Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Deland, and Ponce Inlet. Matt, the founder of Ez Click Top Computer Services, has been passionate about computers since he was eight years old, when he started taking them apart and tinkering with Windows and DOS. He's stayed up-to-date on the latest hardware and software changes, and he's familiar with all the major programs from Microsoft, Windows, and Adobe.

Social Media Marketing

Matt is a social media marketing pro who loves working with brands and helping them grow. He's passionate about transforming complex concepts into simple messaging to create highly-effective social media marketing campaigns. His extensive experience in social media marketing is well received by clients who want to transform their brands into digital superstars.


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Matt is a visionary entrepreneur who is passionate about using technology to help businesses grow and succeed using online digital marketing services.

He started Ez Click Computer Services in 2011, driven by a desire to make IT, graphics, and social media marketing services more accessible and affordable for small businesses.

Matt is a self-taught tech expert who learned from a young age to use his computer as a tool to teach himself new skills. He is also a skilled web designer and online digital marketing.

Over the past 15 years, Matt has helped hundreds of businesses in Tucson and Daytona Beach improve their online presence and reach their target audiences. He is known for his fast and reliable on-site technical services, as well as his personalized approach to customer service.

Matt is excited about the future of technology and sees the potential for automation to revolutionize the way businesses operate. He is committed to helping his clients stay ahead of the curve and embrace new technologies that can help them grow and succeed.

One of Matt’s most memorable client experiences was working with a small business owner who was struggling to keep up with her online marketing. She was overwhelmed by all the different platforms and didn’t know where to start.

Matt worked with the client to develop a comprehensive online marketing strategy that included social media marketing, email marketing, and search engine optimization as well as boosting tik tok videos. He also helped her create a new website that was more user-friendly and visually appealing.

Within a few months, the client’s business began to see significant growth. She was able to increase her sales by 20% and gain new customers from all over the world.

Matt is a valuable asset to the community and a trusted partner for his clients. He is passionate about helping businesses grow and succeed through the use of technology.

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Matt from Ez Click is awesome. He is very knowledgeable and tries to get to you the same day you call.

Jody S.

I have been using EZ Click services for several months, varying from on-site recovery of a crashed hard drive to assistance with making intelligent technology purchases. Matt and his team have provided superb, responsive service and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone!

Tom S.

Very knowledgeable and patient...would highly recommend Matt...Knows his stuff!!!!

Linda S.

Matt was extremely professional and considerate. Very flexible with availability as well. I am going to recommend to all my friends.

Kaitlyn K.

Matt is a pleasure to work with. He is not only knowledable and courteous but very personable. I have been looking for a great computer repair person and now I think I have found it. Thank you Matt. We will definitely pass your card around.

Janice D.

EZ Click Computer Specialists is FIVE (5) STAR in every way. They thoroughly are professional, adept, knowledgeable, experienced, accomplished, proficient and skilled in every way. It is my pleasure to highly recommend EZ Click Computer Specialists unequivocally.

Keith T.

If your computer is running slow, call EZ Click. You will receive fast friendly service at a very reasonable price. Matt came to my house and fixed 2 computers in no time at all saving us time and money. He is very personable and is just what I was looking for in a computer repair company. I have finally found the guy to fix all my family computers. I highly recommend Matt & EZ Click

Jan D.

I called Ez click to have them come out and take care of a nasty virus that got onto my laptop. Same day I called, Matt came out and took care of my laptop that day ridding of the virus that took over my computer. Because of his talents and expertise he saved my business trip for that weekend. I still use him for all my computer issues and recommended him to anyone that wants good honest and fast computer repair or help!

Sally N.

EZ Click is my "go to" computer specialists. We have used EZ Click multiple times to help clear up all of our computers and even our business computer! Matt with EZ Click, was very professional and got the job done so fast that I could not believe it. After our first time with EZ Click, we have used them on all of our computers! Reliable and affordable, I recommend EZ Click to everyone!

Health Is Wealth LLC

Scheduled an appointment with Matt from EZ Click Computer Specialists to check my computer which had been running slowly. Matt was able to check my computer for any viruses, etc, update what was needed and have my computer running more quickly than ever in a very short period of time. He was pleasant, courteous, and provided information to help me use my computer more efficiently. He was able to answer my questions in a way that was understandable considering my limited knowledge regarding technology. I wouldn't hesitate EZ Click Computer Specialists to anyone needing computer service.

Meli SendCards LLC

This is a great company.....I have had numerous problems with my computer and EZ click came when I needed them and they are very reasonable compared to other companies of this type. I have also called and they walked me through some issues right over the phone. Customer service is excellent!!!!! I will continue to use them they are someone you can trust.

Linda T.

This is by far the best computer repair company in Tucson! The service guys are friendly and professional, and were able to fix all of my computer problems and then some - i feel as if I have a brand new computer! I have even used their services for personal tutoring, and was amazed at the time they took to make sure I understood everything and worked at a pace that was good for me. I would recommend this company to everyone who needed computer help.

Julica Sanchez

Ez Click came to my house the same day I called them. They were so great and professional and solved my virus issue and recovered lost data within 2 hours! The best $ I spent for my computer! Not only did they solve my problems they made life easier for me using the computer, between security and setting up quick access they got my vote as the best computer service this town has to offer. Give them a try!

Amy W.