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A little history

How it started

Matthew founded Ez Click Computer Specialists in 2011. In 2001 he started to work for a hosting company, gaining experience working with servers. During his time attending ITT, and University of Arizona he continued to work online professionally, managing several websites and online database’s. After graduating and working in the field of Information Technologies, he decided to open a quality computer repair company,that focused serving on-site technical services, that would be fast and reliable.

Doing More

After serving Tucson and the surrounding community for 6 years Ez Click has shifted its vision to focus on fulfilling the online technical services for our clients. We build websites, market them, and create successful design campaigns to reach an online audience and a brand that builds upon itself. We are still in the business of computer repair, but will try to offer a remote solution if available, to solve the issue quickly.

Matthew Boonsnong
Matthew Boonsnong
Founder / Tech / Designer

Daddy, Gamer, Entrepreneur, Tech nerd.

Meet Matt

My name is Matthew Boonsnong and I have always been interested in computers and technology. Growing up I learned to used my computer as a tool to teach myself technical & design skills which have become valuable in my work today. I would stay up late tinkering with hardware, creating programs and learning new software.

Now I am the personal technician, web designer and online marketing consultant for more than 500+ clients in the Tucson and surrounding areas. I help my clients by making computer life easier, helping them reach an online audience, and to give their brand or business an internet presence and look that inspires growth and builds business

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